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The Big O

The Big O, B2 Stage Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, running from 4 - 6 April.

Preview by Ann Evans

The Big O is an original play by emerging West Midlands writer Kim Cormack and directed by Lotte Ruth Johnson. It asks the question - Is there a right time to care about pleasure?

In a world full of distractions (see: the news, social media and dating apps…everyday), survival mode and the crushing weight of “being a good feminist”, is the female orgasm ever going to be a priority?

Join Lucy on her personal voyage into sex, healing, and connection after a diagnosis of lifelong Anorgasmia (with a Trunchbull-esque psychosexual consultant).

Warning that it contains sexual content: Sex toys. Faking orgasms. Consent. Casual vs monogamous sex. Love. Mental Health. Folklore. Bad chat up lines. Politics. PTSD. Female pleasure throughout history. Feminist f@!kboys and that incident with the guy that wanted to do that thing.

The Big O is described as an “aggressively relatable”, “Hilarious” and “heart-breaking” exploration of what it means to be a woman in 21st Century Britain.


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