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New Lazy Sunday Club

LTB Showrooms. Photo courtesy of LTB Showrooms.

There’s a brand new Lazy Sunday Club event starting up at the LTB Showrooms – the old Litten Tree Pub on Warwick Row, Coventry from 2 July 2023.

The Lazy Sunday Club will be showcasing a Sunday Artist and Makers' market. Local artists, authors, musicians, jewellers, textile artists, painters etc., will all be there displaying and selling their unique creations to the visiting public. A great opportunity to enjoy browsing local arts and crafts - and meet the artists.

You're invited to book your space to display and sell your wares, or to note the event in your diary, and make it a reguar visiting place on a Sunday.

This will be a weekly event starting 2 July 2023. Set up is from 11am and the market will be open to the public from 12 noon to 4pm.

The LTB Showrooms is a ‘pop-up’ community exhibition and events facility showcasing arts, heritage and culture - including films and images that tell the fascinating story of the building; constructed in 1910 as a prestigious car showrooms for The Rover Co. Ltd.

The LTB Showrooms are run by volunteers - and funded by generous local people including the Litten tree pub who gift the space. It’s open daily from 12-4, and in order to encourage local artists to sell what they create, a 6ft space costs just £5. For more information and to book your space, contact Julia Gandy, email or


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