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Miniatura Prepares for its Autumn Show

Jon Trenchard with his Hordle Castle. Photo (c) Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Miniatura, Stoneleigh NAEC, 30 September & 1 October 2023.

Miniatura, the big show for all miniaturists and dolls house collectors is getting all set for its Autumn Show. And tickets are selling like hot cakes - miniature hot cakes!

Once again there will be some of the very best miniature artisans from the UK and around the world, bringing their latest miniatures in scales 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 and even smaller. The craftsmanship will astonish and astound – re-creating everyday furniture and furnishings for dolls houses from all periods of history.

Tiny cakes on a liquorice Allsort, from Ella Rose Miniatures. Photo (c) Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

You don’t even need a dolls house. So many of the amazing items you’ll see simply make great collectables for shelves in your home. Plus, there are room boxes made from wood or card to turn into a scene of your choice. From Steampunk to a baby’s nursery; from a Regency dining room to a modern state of the art kitchen. If you need inspiration, you’ll find it at the Miniatura Show in abundance.

There will be around 100 stands, with every kind of miniature imaginable – from dolls houses themselves in all shapes and sizes, to the furniture, furnishings, fixtures and lighting; plus foodstuffs, kitchen ware, beds and bedding, rugs and curtains, everything needed for gardens; potted plants, flowers, garden tools, greenhouses; incredible works of art to adorn dolls house walls – many of them hand painted oil, acrylic and watercolour originals. You’ll even find craftspeople who make junk, clutter and overflowing dustbins to make a scene come to life.

What every 1:12 scale kitchen needs. Made by Sallyanne Ceramics. Photo (c) Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

As for dolls, there’s always a fabulous range of miniature dolls in all the scales, dressed and undressed, with authentic outfits from all periods of history, and of course, fantasy and funny character dolls.

Made by Enchanted doll in 1:12 scale. Photo (c) Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

The show is the place to find all the materials you need to make miniatures – whether you’re a professional artist or a complete beginner. It’s also where you’ll find advice and useful tips to assist your own work. Miniaturists, you’ll discover, are usually willing to share their advice and knowledge and love to chat to visitors about their work.

Find incredibly realistic furniture such as these by Beith Miniatures, 1:12 scale. Photo (c) Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

There will also be workshops going on over the weekend, so the ideal opportunity to try your hand at something new. Also, a number of dolls house people will be bringing their own furnished houses to display – showing what can be achieved – from castles to haunted houses.

Regular visitors to Miniatura should ensure they have their tickets, and if you’ve never been to a Miniatura show before, treat yourself and be prepared to be amazed at what you’ll find.

Tickets and further details:


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