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Ukrainian Theatre Group Brings King Lear to RSC Stage

King Lear, Theatre Studio of IDP's Uzhik, Ukraine.  Pamela Raith Photography.

King Lear by William Shakespeare, performed by the Theatre Studio of IDP's Uzhik, Ukraine, at The Other Place on 15 June. Directed by Viacheslav Yehorov.


The Royal Shakespeare Company recently welcomed the Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik from Ukraine to perform their powerful production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, which played to sell-out audiences in The Other Place on Saturday 15 June.  

This unique rendition of the classic play, which made its premiere during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, was performed in Ukrainian without surtitles, giving audiences a powerful exploration of love, loss and resilience. 

As part of their visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, members of the Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik met with representatives from internationally displaced people groups across Warwickshire (including Welcome Here, Mosaic Church, Hand in Hand and Association of Ukrainians of Great Britain) who were given the opportunity to watch a performance ahead of the public opening.  

King Lear, Directed by Viacheslav Yehorov.  Pamela Raith Photography.

The company included a visit to The Shakespeare’s Birthplace and New Place in their trip and they were also invited to a performance of The Merry Wives of Windsor, which runs until 7 September in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  

The RSC also hosted a workshop based around their collection, where the company selected items for The Play's The Thing 2025 as part of the exhibition’s co-curation. 

 Visitors will also be able to learn more about the company and their time in Stratford through a documentary style film shot during their stay, which will be premiered as part of the 2025 exhibition.  

Co-Artistic Directors of the RSC, Daniel Evans and Tamara Harvey said: "We were deeply honoured to welcome The Theatre Studio of IDP’s Ukzhik and their production of King Lear to Stratford-upon-Avon. Their performances were a testament to the power of Shakespeare, and to how his work crosses borders, cultures and generations. We’re humbled that our Ukrainian friends have shared their vision of King Lear with us at this time." 

Unique for Stratford.  Pamela Raith Photography.

The theatre company’s roots are in the small town of Uzhhorod in Transcarpathia, where many Ukrainians sought refuge following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The project was spearheaded by director Viacheslav Yehorov, who believes the play offers new meaning for those affected by the conflict. 

Director Viacheslav Yehorov said: “The play ‘King Lear’ was my thesis written at the Uzhhorod Institute of Culture and Art. In March 2022 (during the outbreak of war) I saw a lot of people who I felt were already actors in a real tragedy. Although we are saddened by the events of this real-life tragedy, we have to live in hope, be strong and love. I don’t think anyone in Stratford will have seen a Ukrainian production of King Lear before. I also hope that after the performance you [audiences] will understand what kind of people we are.” 

The Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik. Pamela Raith Photography.

The Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik was formed by displaced individuals from various walks of life, coming together to find hope and meaning through theatre. Those involved in the production consider it to have been a therapeutic journey for its participants and a symbol of resilience and unity in the face of adversity. 


The company of 15 includes teachers, students, labourers, salesmen, and doctors who moved to Uzhhorod during the war. This diverse group combines original members and newcomers who have joined since the conflict began, none of whom are professional actors, but all found solace and strength in the theatre. 

This visit marks the first time the Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik’s production of King Lear will be staged outside of Ukraine. 

The Theatre Studio of IDP’s Uzhik perform King Lear at The Other Place. Pamela Raith Photography.

Joining the director, Viacheslav Yehorov, on the creative team are Oleksandr Larchenko (Technical Support), Asia Antsyferova (Sound Designer), Yuliia Yehorova (Producer), Veronika Hromadska (Make-Up Artist, Translator and Photographer), Viktoriya Nad (Project Manager), Ahnesa Tsvilodub (Assistant Director) and Hennadii Yeshkunov (Stage Manager).  

The full cast comprises of Olena Aliabieva, Tetiana Holyshevska, Yuliia Horielkova, Veronika Hromadska, Andrii Khomik, Myroslava Koshtura, Viktoriya Lyulko, Viktoriya Nad, Olena Perekotiienko, Olena Potseluieva, Ahnesa Tsvilodub and Hennadii Yeshkunov.  

For further information about this production, you can watch a documentary on it here.



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