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Proclaiming punky pop perfection

The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers plus Special Guests, Friday 19 May, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry.

Preview by Anne Cee.

The Proclaimers are on their way to Warwick Arts Centre and I for one, can’t wait till they get here. I’m sure we’ll be treated to a lively, upbeat show that includes the classic tales of sending letters from America and walking five hundred miles and then some, as this is a band that knows its audience will want to hear these beloved songs played live.

But The Proclaimers are also a band that has never stopped writing and recording new music, they’re currently on their 12th studio album and I’m hoping to hear their current offerings in the glorious Butterworth Hall, knowing that these brothers, Craig and Charles Reid, and their special guests can offer stonking foot stampers as well as tender love songs.

You don’t need to go a thousand miles to find authentic, cracking tunes delivered to perfection – The Proclaimers are coming to your door to be with you!

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