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Priory's Streets are Paved With Laughter!

Laughter all the way. Photo courtesy of The Priory Theatre.

Dick Whittington, The Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, from 20 December 2023 to 7 January 2024.

Review by Jan Malatesta.


There is nothing better to get you into the Christmas spirit than a classic pantomime, and the offering at the Priory Theatre, Kenilworth didn’t disappoint. As always, the annual, jovial Priory performance was the perfect mix of family fun, with adult slapstick humour thrown in! 


In case you don’t already know, Dick Whittington is an old English folktale, which sees young Dick, along with his cat called Tommy, move to the city of London, leaving rural Gloucestershire behind. The Priory’s version, written and directed by Ethan J. Smith, has an adventurous taste of the high seas, with addition of Saucy Sue and her merry crew.  

Dame Flossie Fitzwarren - Steve Bingham. Photo courtesy of the Priory Theatre.


The city of London is crawling with vermin, led by Queen Rat, who are looking to achieve World Domination, so in true panto style, the lead character of Dick Whittington (Linzi Mills) along with his pussy cat (Sophie Wiseman/Tilly Main) save the day.  


Although not everything was pitch perfect, after all, it was the first night, there were many hilarious scenes; in particular the 12 nights of Christmas, with my grandson gleefully stating: ‘This is going to get messy!’ and it did; with the audience participating in the aisles and props flying everywhere! 


There were definitely standout performances, notably the comic duo – Owen Prosser-Stock, playing Idle Jack (last seen at the Priory two years ago when he played Buttons) and Dame Flossie Fitzwarren (Steve Bingham), also a returner to the Priory after 25 years. Delightfully, the Dame’s costumes were flamboyantly suggestive with gags and dance routines not to be missed.

Getting you into that Christmas spirit. Photo courtesy of the Priory Theatre.


Baddy, Queen Rat (Nicky Main) performed the evil villainess with a stellar performance from Fairy (Hannah Dodd) narrating. Tommy the cat, Dick and Alice Fitzwarren (Violet Carpenter)also shone through as principal characters, along with Teams Gloucester and London dancing and ratting to excellent choreography produced by Ashton Taylor. Classic songs too along the way that got everyone singing along. 


If you aren’t already feeling that Christmas spirit, get your tickets for Dick Whittington at the Priory Theatre!



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