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Pop-up theatre, Moat House Leisure Centre, review: Black Love

Black Love, A Belgrade production at pop-up theatre, Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Winston Ave, Coventry, August 4, 6, 7 and 8.

By Ashley Hayward

This was my first visit to the pop-up theatre and it is commendable that attempts are being made to bring live theatre to wider communities in Coventry.

The performance is performed ‘in the round’ and involves three highly talented young actors and an off-stage voice.

The set, the props and the costumes are simple but authentic. The action takes place in a room in a small London flat shared by a brother and sister who have enjoyed a very close relationship, especially following the death of their mum.

The love between the siblings is beautifully and sensitively portrayed by the two black actors as they look out for each other and share their special memories of their parents and their relationship.

But conflict arises as the brother starts to date a white girl who is somewhat dismissive of aspects of their black culture.

The actors also provide examples of the prejudices and racial stereotyping they have endured. The sister recalls an unsympathetic white passer-by when she fell off her bike as a little girl, while the brother faces difficulties obtaining acting parts.

All the characters are played faultlessly and convincingly and with great energy The performers also do justice to some tuneful and original songs with very meaningful lyrics and also move gracefully to the music

It's a really enjoyable experience, but there were only 30 people in the audience when I was there. Let’s hope word gets around and larger audiences attend future performances.

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