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O Wow Gruffalo!

Gruffalo (Benjamin Alan-Langcaster), Mouse (Althea Burley), Owl (Jake Adderley). Photo courtesy of the Warwick Arts Centre.

The Gruffalo, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, until 31December 2023

Review by Ann Cee:

Top marks for this super show which brings to life the picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This one hour, fun packed, family show whizzes past with something for everyone from a mini homage to Madness, a bit of ‘Ding-a-Dong-a-Ding-Dong’, and even a hint of Strictly.

This show is a faithful telling of the familiar picture book story which children, parents and grandparents love but there’s also plenty of originality in the puns, the action, the songs and the costumes.

The Deep Dark Wood is fabulously created right here on the edge of Coventry nestled deeply in the Warwick Arts Centre. Be prepared to join in to help the characters navigate the woody shadows in safety. Marvellous Mouse (Althea Burey) has to be very sneaky and alert if she’s not to be eaten by any of the cunning creatures she encounters as she searches for a nutty snack.

Mouse (Althea Burley). Photo courtesy of Warwick Arts Centre.

This Tall Stories stage adaptation is full of suspense, wit and wonder as we wind our way through the wily world of Mouse and her encounters with the hungry woodland community. Jake Adderley demonstrates adaptable grace, style and finesse as feisty fox, open eyed owl and scaly snake. And Benjamin Alan-Lancaster holds the narrative together as the storyteller and the lively Gruffalo with a very deep voice. Wild and raucous laughter is delivered with bells on as well as a pair of maracas in this live action, family entertainment.

Children of all ages (from 3 years upwards) were totally drawn into this winter treat. Everyone is welcome to this show - dedicated familiarisation sessions, BSL performances and relaxed performances can all be booked through the website during December.

Gold Star with Diamond Sparkles for this Gruffalo. Totally recommended for a Christmas treat for the whole family. Noisy, musical, fabulous, festive fun.


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