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Martin Simpson – A Modern Guitar Master

Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Sunday 21 May 2023

Preview by Anne Cee.

So you think you know what a man can do with a guitar, do you? Well, I’m not so sure, unless of course you’re already familiar with the extraordinary abilities of Martin Simpson. Let’s just call Martin, the ‘Master Guitarist’ or the True Guitar King or the Magician with a Six String because he can probably produce sound and mood like no one else.

Martin’s accolades are too many to list here, but Radio 2 Folk listeners might know him from his Musician of the Year Awards and Gibson Guitar followers will know Martin is listed in the top 30 acoustic players. Check out the link below to read more of Martin’s impressive achievements. My expectations of his one night only performance at Warwick Arts Centre are through the roof and heading for the stars already, as I contemplate how wonderful life would be if we all had just an ounce of his musical talent.


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