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Enjoying MCM Comic Con

Interviewing a Dalek. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

So, what would you ask a Dalek should you happen to bump into one? Obviously, it would have to be “Have you exterminated anybody today?”

Happily for me, when I asked this Dalek that question, he replied in a very gravelly voice, “Not today. It’s my day off!”

It was nice to know it was enjoying his day out at the MCM Comic Con convention held at the Birmingham NEC. In fact, all the characters at the 3-day show – and there were hundreds of amazing Cosplay enthusiasts dressed up as heroes, villains, cartoon characters, movie monsters, giants, robots, zombies – and everything you could think of, were having a great day out and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

See unique Cosplay characters. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

For visitors who didn’t dress up, half the fun of the event is seeing everyone dressed as their favourite character. Costumes just seem to get more elaborate, clever and artistic – and rarely are two characters the same. Marvel and DC Comic Book characters are always popular but with so many people being fans of manga and the many pop cultures out there, the outfits are quite unique and amazing at times.

Discover some great artists. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

In addition to the Cosplay side of things, the hundreds of creators and craftspeople on the stands were offering unique accessories and collectables to browse and buy. Everything for fans of movies, comics, anime, manga, steampunk, retro toys, gaming, film and TV memorabilia. You were spoilt for choice with clothing, hats, accessories, handmade jewellery, sculptures, artwork in many different styles, posters, books, models, swords, autographs, star photographs, film props, official merchandising and all manner of collectables.

Cybermen with a difference. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

Artist Alley and the Writers’ Block were the places to discover independent artists, writers, illustrators, comic creators and all things bookish. Additionally, masses of entertainment going on with live theatre featuring talks and panels with celebrity guests. For gamers there was plenty of opportunity to try your hand at new and retro games. There was also a tabletop board gaming area too.

Elite Wrestling entertainment. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

The wrestling – run by Elite Wrestling Entertainment kept the crowds enthralled with their skills and showmanship. While other show areas included UK Garrison which is a renowned not-for-profit UK costuming organisation comprising of three distinct clubs sharing a passion for building movie accurate costumes and raising money for charity.

X-Men cosplayers featuring UK Garrison. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

Another stand attracting lots of attention was Project Dalek where I met my friendly Dalek. This band of enthusiasts immerse themselves in building Daleks of all shapes and sizes. Taking the whole thing extremely seriously with meticulous research, creating detailed plans for builders to follow plus plenty of support, help and advice available along the way.

Davros from Doctor Who. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

And there was more Doctor Who models, props, sculptures and even Steampunk Doctor Who to be found with replicas of Doctor Who monsters and villains, Tardis and all kinds of objects from the Doctor Who Universe. Here we found some amazing models of Davros – the Dark Lord of Skaro, Winnie the Weeping Angel and others.

Fabulous make-up on some of the visiting Cosplayers. Photo © Tysall's Photography.

With plenty of eating outlets at the show you could happily sit down with Spiderman or a Storm Trooper and enjoy a snack. The food area was set out with tables and benches which made a nice change as at previous shows visitors have had to sit on the floor within the halls. Great to have such a choice of food vans selling: burgers, fries, hot dogs, Greek food, Halloumi fries, pizza, aromatic crispy duck wraps plus a bar. So lots of choice.

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