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Dick Whittington - Three Spires Guildhall style

Dick Whittington and his feline friend on route to fame and fortune.

Dick Whittington, written and directed by Jamie Sheerman, presented by the Three Spires Guildhall, at Warwick Arts Centre, running from Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 January 2024.

Review by Ann Evans.

What a wonderful opening night for the start of the run of Dick Whittington staged by the very talented Three Spires Guildhall. The show brought a magical production to the Warwick Arts Centre with a traditional panto that sparkled with fabulous songs and great dance routines choreographed by Julie Bedlow-Howard, and performed by a wonderfully enthusiastic ensembe of young performers.

Penelope Pudding (Jon Andrews) in a very sweet outfit.

The audience were the perfect opening night audience, more than happy to oblige with the participation including the stooge who was covered head to toe in slosh! There were laughs, cheers, boos and rapturous applause all for a wonderful cast who were compared to professional by many audience members.

Queen Rat (Karen Welsh) and her rodents.

This traditional story was a panto delight - the sort that we’ve come to expect and love. Everyone was routing for our hero Dick Whittington (Emily Collins) and his trusty cat Tommy (Darcie Towers) as they headed towards London where the streets were said to be paved in gold.

Rolling out the fun!

Every member of the cast and the whole ensemble have been working so hard over the past few months rehearsing great song and dance routines, and creating all the characters who we love to cheer and boo.  Here’s a run down of other members of the cast who brought smiles to audiences faces on the opening night – and will be continuing to provide wonderful entertainment throughout the panto run.

Penelope Pudding (Jon Andrews) and Idle Jack (Ian Meikle-Walton).

Penelope Pudding (Jon Andrews) as Panto Dame kept the audience in stitches while Karen Welsh as the wicked Queen Rat drummed up the booing! Other fabulous key figures included: Alice Fitzwarren - Zsofia Peddle, Idle Jack - Ian Meikle-Walton, Fairy Mary-le-Bow - Danielle Burrows, Alderman Fitzwarren - Kelvin McArdle, Flea - Rachel Curzon, Captain Calico Jack - Eddie McLeod, Barnacle - Laura Wheatley, Sultan of Morocco - Adrian Laing, Sultan's Aid - Darcie Towers.

The fabulous cast.

And of course, there was great teamwork carried out by the behind the scenes crew with the lighting, sets, music, choreography and costumes etc. It was, as promised, a fabulous panto that audiences this week are going to love. 

After the opening show, Director Jamie Sheerman said: “Opening night was a great success - we strive to make a slick, energetic, family show and that’s what we have! I was overwhelmed with the feedback from members of the audience and I’m so proud of the cast and crew, that they got the adulation their hard work deserves!”

Here's some of the comments made by the first night audience:

"The principal cast vocals were all stunning and on par with West End performers."


"There were so many jokes, adult and kid friendly and Idle Jack knew exactly how to deliver them. We haven't laughed so much in ages."


"I loved how slick the whole show was and the set was beautiful."


"The costumes looked amazing and colourful and really fit the theme of the show."


"I may be biased as my daughter is in the show, but the children really shone on stage and held their own amongst the cast."


So if you haven’t already got your panto tickets, don’t dilly dally and get them soon!




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