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Assembly Garden, Coventry review: 360 AllStars

360 AllStars, Queen of Flanders, Assembly Garden, Coventry, until September 12.

By Peter Walters

"We love you, Daz", shouts one young fan as the aforementioned Mr D and his break-dancing mate Chris spin on their heads in the centre of the ring.

My own twin grand-daughters don't go quite that far, but words like "awesome" and "thrilling" tumble from their lips as we stumble out into the evening after a high-octane hour of swirling and leaping, spinning and arching.

It's quite exhausting, just watching, but then every member of the all-male AllStars - the basketball trickster, the BMX free-styler, the guy with the giant hoop, the percussionist, the beat boxer and, of course, those two break-dancers - is at the top of their game. World champions all, if not in name.

A packed Coventry audience gives them a cautious welcome, but before long is whooping and cheering every move. In truth there's much to admire in the AllStars astonishing athleticism and feats of gravity-defying balance. Just don't try any of it at home, that's all. Tickets by email from


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