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Playbox Theatre review: Medea

Euripides: Medea, Playbox Theatre, Warwick, to Nov 9. Playbox's ambitious series exploring classic Greek theatre kicks off with a story that has been imagined many times, and this version comes courtesy of acclaimed British writer Mike Bartlett.

His modern script is supported by some solid acting from the young cast. Teagan Gough’s unhinged Medea is a well-rounded character (Teagan holding the stage well for most of the play), and there are assured performances from Elidh Evans (Pam) and Paige Cooper (Sarah), who bounce off each other nicely. Despite the efforts of the actors there are some drawbacks: The piece is very dialogue heavy, and there is an overall lack of theatricality. The use of projections to set time and place is largely ineffective, and there is also much breaking of the cardinal rule of acting - never turn your back on the audience.

And surprisingly, there's liberal use of profanity, which is not me being a prude - the frequency of the cursing means that it loses its effect, so when swearing would have been appropriate, it lacks impact. Although not perfect, the ambition of the group is to be admired, and hopefully there will be progression as the series of Greek classics continues. For tickets call 01926 419555.

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