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Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton, review: Out of Order

Out of Order, Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton, to Sept 29. Hilarious best describes this classical British farce. For an amateur production, it was outstanding. The audience roared with laughter as the Abbey Players gave a magnificent presentation of this prize-winning play. All the action takes place in a hotel room where Richard Willey MP (played by Nathan Harvey), tries to woo Jane Worthington, secretary to the opposition leader (Vicky Reilly). Their assignation is interrupted by the discovery of a body in the room. Trying to get rid of the body, Richard calls on the services of his private secretary George Pigden (played by Craig Spencer) - and mayhem follows. It's highly entertaining, in parts genuinely funny

Jake Hayward as the dead body puts in a magnificent performance. It’s not easy to play dead, but he manages it with flair. All the players are excellent, delivering very polished performances. There's a small amount of nudity, but tastefully done and again, very funny. Well worth a visit. For tickets go to:

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