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Happiness right from the start at the farm

The Scarecrows' Wedding, Warwick Arts Centre, 30 June only

When scarecrows Betty and Harry decide to get married nothing could spoil their special day - could it?

A wonderful adaptation of Julia Donaldson's book by Scamp Theatre, this play is happiness itself right from the start.

Filled with music and song, the three actors bring the joy of the countryside to life. The two scarecrows, Betty and Harry make a modest list of all that they need to create - 'the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet, the wedding that no one will ever forget.'

The quest for essential wedding items starts well, but when Harry ventures out on his own to find pink flowers, the task gets a lot harder than expected and takes him longer than he anticipated.

Back on the farm, Betty's concerns that the groom has gone missing are matched by worries about how to ward off the affections of Harry's scarecrow replacement - flash Frenchman, Reginald Rake.

The actors draw the young audience into the story very skilfully with just the right amount of audience participation.

This is family theatre at its best - totally entertaining for its young audience - under fives will love it - and absolute joy for the parents. Leaves you smiling and eager to read the kids the story at bedtime.

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