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Upbeat comedy puts on the 70s' style

Passing Strangers, Allesley Village Hall, Saints Amateur Theatre Group,

May 16-20

This lively, upbeat comedy set in the early 70s tells the story of two middle-aged men trying their best to charm Liz and Julie, a pair of stylish divorcees.

Malcolm, who says he is “big in imports” but is really a market trader, takes his more subdued friend Clive to a singles' evening to help him forget his marriage troubles. Clive isn’t keen on the idea and sees only trouble ahead, especially when Malcolm elevates him

to the position of something "important in the medical field", when he is, in truth, a hospital porter.

Liz and Julie, described as “upwardly mobile”, are the lucky ladies. Malcolm tries hard to break down Liz’s defences, while pairing a more willing Julie off with Clive. It doesn’t go to plan as Liz is more than capable of dealing with Malcolm’s scheming ways. As with all singles evenings the plot of the story is simple - the guys hope to “score” with the ladies.

Along the way, there is fun and entertainment, with plenty of laughs and unexpected surprises in store – which you couldn’t find on Tinder these days!

The stage sets the scene of a hotel true to its era, with famous songs, such as

D-I- V-O- R-C- E from the time.

Chris Smith directs, and there's a strong performance from Kate Hill as Liz, delivering brittle lines with a spark in her eye, keeping egotistical Malcolm (Gary Swain) on a string all night. Acting debuts from Jonathan Greaves as Clive, and Jayne Batstone playing Julie, did not disappoint, and the dance moves brought in laughs galore.

So especially if you are of that era, follow one of Malcom’s lines - seize the evening and take yourself along to Allesley Village Hall this week.

Pictured are (left to right) Kate Hill, Gary Swain, Jonathan Greaves and Jayne Batstone.

For the box office phone 07927 319985.

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