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Wanted at the Albany Theatre

The WANTED cast. Photo courtesy of Gazebo Theatre.

Gazebo Theatre’s nationwide tour of ‘WANTED’ comes to The Albany Theatre, Coventry, on Wednesday 27 March 2024 for one night only.



Gazebo Theatre’s nationwide tour of ‘WANTED’ promised to be an electrifying, female-focused theatrical experience – the perfect play to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Arts Council England NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) Gazebo Theatre are set to captivate audiences on a nationwide tour this March, with 'WANTED,' an innovative, unique, and truly engaging play that explores the remarkable stories of five ordinary women with extraordinary lives. The play explores the stories of four women, who are ‘WANTED’ at various times across History, for their convictions to stand up against authority and injustice and take bold action, to fight for what they believe is right. They are brought to life through the imagination of Leoni Lawrence, a young carer, struggling with her own isolation and will to affect change today.

WANTED cast. Photography by Tenisha White.

This inspiring performance is touring nationally in celebration and recognition of Women’s History Month and will feature powerful drama and storytelling, original music, soundscapes, projection, humour, raw honesty and heart, delivered in the inimitable style that defines Gazebo Theatre. 

‘WANTED’ features an incredible all-female cast passionately delving into the riveting stories of five extraordinary, yet often overlooked, women: Irena Sendler, who led the rescue of 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation is played by Pamela Cole-Hudson. Indian Bandit Queen and MP Phoolan Devi is played by Rukmini Sircar. Dr James Barry, female surgeon who lived life as a man is played by Dawn Butler.  Leoni Lawrence is played by April Nerissa Hudson and UK Windrush child, Black Panther Olive Morris is played by Alexia McIntosh who originated the role of Anne of Cleves in the hit West End Musical Six, and who began her professional career at Gazebo Theatre.

Celebrating Women's History Month. Photography by Tenisha White.

The show was originally produced for touring in March 2020 but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Gazebo Theatre adapted by streaming a socially distanced version of ‘WANTED’ in 2021 (from Arena Theatre). In October 2023, ‘WANTED’ was reimagined and relaunched; receiving standing ovations across the UK, and they are thrilled to be touring ‘WANTED’ again this March.

Pamela Cole-Hudson, the Artistic Director of Gazebo Theatre and Actor playing Irena Sendler, expressed the importance of the production stating, "We are incredibly proud of WANTED and the amazing response we have received from audiences across the UK, who have been massively moved by the stories, the issues we explore and the resilience of these incredible women. This year we celebrate Gazebo’s 45th Birthday and as one of the longest running Theatre in Education Companies in the country it feels great that we are still at the forefront of telling important stories and impacting upon social change, whilst also being hugely entertaining! 'WANTED' revolves around women and their stories but is an important play that really is for everybody.”

WANTED, emotional and thought-provoking. Photography by Tenisha White.

Co-Writer and Director, Tonia Daley-Campbell, added, "We aimed to unravel the tales of women who were 'WANTED,' pursued by authorities, and often incarcerated for acting upon their convictions. Whether you are an avid historian, a lover of storytelling, or simply interested in the tapestry of female history, this show is an absolute must-see!"


With an all-female creative team at the helm, 'WANTED' promises to be an electrifying, emotional, and thought-provoking performance that will not only leave audiences inspired to make change but challenge the industry's prevailing male dominance in 2024. WANTED is co-written by Pamela Cole-Hudson, Tonia Daley-Campbell and Therese Collins.     


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