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The Unthanks in Winter

The Unthanks, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, 8 December (one night only)

Review by Ann Cee

What a way to spend a winter evening – immersed in the magic of the Unthanks sisters, Becky and Rachel. For one night only, the Unthanks sisters and their band of merry musicians dropped in to the Warwick Arts Centre to kick off their current tour visiting the folksy capitals of England. ‘Fabulous’ is the first word that comes to mind, ‘authentic, honest, charming’ are words which follow.

The theme was winter. Traditional tunes and songs were mixed with lots of new, original compositions that evoked some kind of primeval pulse from deep within the earth alongside shelter and warmth being found with friends and family within some firelit cottage in the leafless forest. Mystically atmospheric seemed a recurring mood as “we cursed the winter” and the ‘wassail o wassail’ sent out a sense of foreboding with the muffled bass drums and eerily soaring clarinet. A breathy ‘Come all ye faithful’ seemed to emanate from long ago, hinting at spirits stirring in the shadowy corners.

This concert was a very unique Winter Fantasia laden with the Unthanks special talent for creating a hypnotic vibe that captures the essence of the folk tradition and evolves it into a shared new truth. I loved the sax and viola couplings which took us to very different places and the wonderful piano solo (Adrian McNally) which opened the show.

This wouldn’t be an Unthanks set if there wasn’t a little bit of clog dancing and the sleigh bells added an unexpected and delightfully, festive touch.

Those familiar with the Unthanks will revel in the rich velvety voices of the sisters but there’s plenty of other reasons to surrender yourself to one of their live experience shows.

See Warwick Arts Centre for tickets for lots of other music events:


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