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The Scottish Play at The Bear Pit Theatre

The Scottish Play by Graham Holliday at The Bear Pit Theatre from 15 – 18 May at 7.30pm. A Phoenix Players Production.


Join the Shellsfoot Thespians as they attempt to put on theatre’s most celebrated, yet most cursed production.

The play features Michael who dreams of directing William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, known in the theatrical world as ‘The Scottish Play’.  Theatrical custom tending to avoid referring to it by its real name due to its mythical curse.

Michael gets the opportunity of achieving his ambition to direct Macbeth for the autumn slot of the Shellsfoot Thespians’ schedule. But at what cost?

He encounters many problems – the wrath of the society’s self-appointed chair lady, financial issues and even affairs. Will he and the cast leave the production unscathed?

This is a Phoenix Players production - established in 1945 the group based in Stratford-upon-Avon have produced many plays, pantomimes and musical shows over the years from whodunnits through to farces, comedies and classic drama, from well known scripts to those written by their own members. Don't miss their latest productions at The Bear Pit Theatre.

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