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The Saints Drama Group present Kes

Kes by Lawrence Till, directed by Jason Riley at the Saints Drama Group, Allesley Village Hall, Coventry running from 14 - 18 May 2024, in association with Little Dark One Productions.


Billy Casper is a shy adolescent whose potential is stifled by a neglectful family, school bullies, and a callous education system designed to push him into the world of manual labour. As he struggles through poverty, his lessons, and the stinging of Mrs Gryce’s cane, it’s expected that he’ll wind up leaving school in Easter of 1969 without any qualifications to join his abusive brother Jud down in the coal mines for the rest of his days.

On a quiet stroll through a forest one afternoon, Billy finds himself awestruck by a kestrel flying around overhead to a nearby farm. Inspired by its wild nature and independence, he is overcome with a passion to learn more about falcons, for which his mother pays no mind. After a confrontation with a drunken Jud, Billy is pushed to the edge and decides to head back to the farm and steal a young kestrel from her nest.

He names her Kes and plans on training her. While Billy’s new hobby gives him hope, his responsibilities begin to pile up. Billy wakes up with a big day ahead of him – he’ll have to manage his paper round, feeding Kes, school, running errands for Jud, and a meeting with a youth employment officer that could determine his future.


Tickets are now on sale for Kes, Saints Drama, Allesley Village Hall, Coventry

Box Office 07927 319985 or email:

Further details: Website:




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