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The Game of Life: Your Future Edition

The Game of Life

Game of Life: Your Future Edition. Written & Directed by Laura Berridge, Original Score by Francis Goodhand. It runs at The Loft Theatre, Victoria Colonnade, Leamington Spa from Wednesday 2 August to Sunday 6 August.

This fast-paced, action-packed musical takes place on the set of a TV Game Show like no other, but vaguely reminiscent of many you might know…

Do you have a talent? Convinced you’ll never hear the words: “You’re fired!” So brave you could take on a dragon? Life can be a maze to navigate but if you’re the crystal we’re looking for then Game of Life: Your Future Edition has a table with your name tag on it.

After 12 intense weeks of competition only two contestants have made it to the live final. This is their last chance to prove that they deserve that coveted golden handshake from the ’Superstar Bosses’, securing them their dream job. But beneath all the glitz, glamour and catchy theme tunes, trouble is brewing that even the strongest filters will struggle to disguise…

Arts Insight presents this original musical performed by 60 young performers from across Warwickshire. Suitable for all ages.

Director Laura Berridge says: “This is my most ambitious show to date and as the writer and director I’ve been astounded and overjoyed by how much all the young performers have lifted my words off the page and made it their own.

“I’m a pioneer of the arts and everything it represents: inclusivity, positivity and creativity. At Arts Insight we promote everything the arts stands for and will continue to grow by challenging every young person we work with, to be proud of who they are and what they can achieve.

“I am so lucky to work with performers who are brave, dedicated and supportive of one another. This show is testament to the fact that theatre is for everybody. I hope everyone who watches it can see how much love, care and attention has gone into every part of it. We’re all incredibly proud to share it with you.”

Game of Life: Your Future Edition runs at The Loft Theatre, Victoria Colonnade, Leamington Spa from Wednesday 2 August to Sunday 6 August with a performance each evening at 7:30pm, except Sunday 6 August when the performance will be at 5pm. There will also be a 2:30 matinee performance on Saturday 5 August.

Tickets can be booked online at any time via the Loft Theatre Company website (, by emailing, or by calling 01926 830 680 (answer phone service).


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