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Talisman Theatre Celebrates Prestigious NODA Award Win for 'Pride and Prejudice'

L-R Stephen Duckham, Joint Artistic Director, Writer Andrew Davies with Director Corrina Jacob. Photo by Robert Warner.

The Talisman Theatre and Arts Centre is excited to announce winning the prestigious NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) West Midlands ‘Best Drama’ award for their production of 'Pride and Prejudice' which premiered at the Kenilworth-based theatre last year.


The stage adaptation of Jane Austen's timeless classic, penned by acclaimed local writer Andrew Davies, captivated audiences with its enchanting narrative. Andrew's script, coupled with the directorial expertise of Corrina Jacob, brought a fresh perspective to the beloved tale, resonating with theatre enthusiasts and Austen aficionados alike.


“It's an honour to receive this recognition from NODA,” expressed Stephen Duckham, Joint Artistic Director at the Talisman Theatre. "This award is a testament to the collective passion and dedication of everyone involved in bringing 'Pride and Prejudice' to life on stage.”

Pride and Prejudice at The Talisman. Photo by Robert Warner.


NODA is an organisation formed 125 years ago to further the interests and advancement of amateur theatre companies in the UK and each year they hold their Regional Awards for outstanding productions. This isn’t the first time the Talisman has been awarded a NODA, with regional awards previously attributed to ‘Oliver!’, ‘Rent’, ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ as well as pantomimes ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’.


Director Corrina Jacob, whose admiration for Jane Austen's work fueled her commitment to the production, shared her excitement about the award. “Winning the NODA award is a fabulous achievement for our team. It validates the artistic vision we set out to achieve and celebrates the collaborative spirit that defines our theatre community,” remarked Corrina.


Theatre patron and writer, Andrew Davies, also commented on how delighted he was that his script had been awarded such an accolade: “It was fascinating to watch the production taking shape, and great to work with the director Corrina Jacob and Stephen Duckham on fine-tuning the performances. The script will be published in the UK and the United States by Concord, so we can expect many more performances of this stage version - but the World Premiere will always be remembered as having happened at the Talisman.”


Andrew added, “This award-winning production inspired me to put pen to paper again and I’m excited to share that another Jane Austen classic, ‘Emma’ is now well under way. The stage adaptation of ‘Emma’ is set to grace the Talisman’s stage in October 2025 to mark the theatre’s 83rd anniversary with another World Premiere.”

Pride and Prejudice script written for the stage by Andrew Davies. Photo by Robert Warner.


Stephen Duckham added, “We are grateful to NODA for recognising the artistic merit of 'Pride and Prejudice' and celebrating the vibrancy of community theatre. And of course, to Andrew Davies himself, for his commitment as theatre patron as he shares another World Premiere with us at the Talisman.”


For more information about what’s coming up at the Talisman Theatre including their Cinema and Fringe theatre nights please visit or contact the box office on 01926 856548.



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