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Talisman Fringe

One of the Good Guys by James Harris

Talisman Fringe at the Holiday Inn, Kenilworth.

Review by Ashley Hayward.

The Holiday Inn, Kenilworth provided an excellent venue for a one-year birthday celebration of the Talisman Fringe and the audience were treated to three short and very different plays.

It began with ‘Up Close and Personal’, written by Anne Graham in which a wife gets to confront the woman to whom her husband had become infatuated. It is movingly acted and is reminiscent in some ways of the ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ that was on our screens in the 1970’s and 80’s.

In sharp contrast we were then transported to another galaxy for ‘One of the Good Guys’ written by James Harris. It began with us watching the preparations for a retirement party for a long serving employee before we witnessed the shocking demise of the Death Star. The cast delivered the highly original and zany script with great gusto.

Anniversary by David Miller.

Finally, there was ‘Anniversary’ where an elderly couple celebrate their 54th year together in much the same way as they do every year. David Miller’s script is beautifully and convincingly interpreted by the actors.

In between the plays the audience were entertained by two immensely talented musicians from the Kenilworth School – Andrew and Patrick O’Reilly who are both members of the National Youth Theatre. The brothers played the viola and cello and included a wonderful rendition of Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’.

Andrew and Patrick O’Reilly

The event was neatly introduced and hosted by father and daughter Nigel and Laura Henderson and there was a really warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere throughout the event.

The aim of the Talisman Fringe is very much to put the arts right at the centre of the community and this event certainly demonstrated that this is being achieved as well as providing opportunities for new and aspiring writers, directors and performers to showcase their talents.

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