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Swim Aunty Swim

Swim, Aunty, Swim! Coming to the Belgrade Theatre.

The World Premiere of Swim, Aunty, Swim! By Siana Bangura, at the Belgrade Theatre, in association with Tiata Fahodzi Monday 20 May to Saturday 1 June 2024.

Swim, Aunty, Swim!



Dat ren we bit bita-lif sote I bita, na-in bit shuga ken sote I swit - Krio Proverb

The same rain that beats bitter-leaf until it’s bitter, beats sugar cane until it’s sweet.

Swim, Aunty, Swim! a new play by Siana Bangura, directed by Madeleine Kludje will have its world premiere at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, on Monday 20 May until Saturday 1 June, with a national press night on Thursday 23 May.

A poetic story of friendship, loss, sisterhood, motherhood, and the sublime power of water, Swim, Aunty, Swim! will star Anni Domingo as ‘Fatu’ and Sam Baker-Jones as ‘Danny’. Further casting to be announced.

Fatu is in search of a new life and a fresh start. Leaving London behind, she makes her way to Coventry, where she forms a friendship with fellow members of her new church, Aunty Blessing and Aunty Ama. This fiery, entertaining, and sharp-witted duo of West African women in their prime, are also navigating changes and transitions in their own lives.

What begins as light-hearted fun and a distraction from the mundane routine of life and church, becomes a ritual of healing and rebirth, after a season of grieving.

On Ama’s whim, the three of them embark on a watery challenge that might just send them out of their depth.

This heartwarming and powerful new play is where West Africa meets the West Midlands, in a truly universal story that will connect with everyone.

Director Madeleine Kludje said, “I have been waiting to direct a play that centres older, West African women at the heart of the story and as main characters onstage. This story follows three incredible women on a journey to finding themselves at crucial moments in their lives with swimming and friendship guiding and sometimes pushing them towards healing and rebirth. This is a witty, warming and heartfelt story that we can all relate to about rediscovering who we are after difficult moments within our lives.”

A Belgrade Theatre Production in association with tiata fahodzi, Swim, Aunty, Swim! is written by Siana Bangura, directed by Madeleine Kludje, with set design by Claire Winfield, costume design by Naomi Thompson, lighting design by Ryan Joseph Stafford, sound design by Duramaney Kamara, movement direction by Gaby Nimo, dramaturgy by Chinonyerem Odimba, and production management by Adrian Sweeney.

Swim, Aunty, Swim! is one of The Belgrade Theatre’s flagship in-house produced productions, developed in close collaboration with tiata fahodzi. The show is part of the new strand of work under the leadership team’s creative vision for the people of Coventry and the wider region; the next step in the Belgrade’s long standing commitment to the process of co-creation and artistic excellence.


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