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Rewind - A Scientific Examination of a Crime Secretly Buried.

Image courtesy of Warwick Arts Centre.

Rewind - a scientific examination of a crime secretly buried.

Ephemeral Ensemble: Rewind - a scientific examination of a crime secretly buried. At Warwick Arts Centre, Studio, Tuesday 30 April at 7.45pm. One hour duration.


In a whirlwind of visceral music, energetic movement, puppetry, projection and innovative lighting, the show reveals an intimate backward journey into the life and death of Alicia, a young woman who dared to resist against authoritarianism.

The multi-award winning show is inspired by recurring facts from human rights abuse in Latin America and draws from Forensic Anthropology, the first science in history to investigate human rights violation.

Commissioned by the University of Warwick - with special thanks to Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezez, School of Modern Languages and Culture.

Tickets: £18. Under 26 and students £7.50. Suitable for age 14+


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