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Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, review: Birthday Suite


Birthday Suite, Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, to Feb 26.

In the opening scene in adjacent hotel rooms, we are introduced to Bob (Alec Brown), a civil servant who is somewhat nervously awaiting a night of passion with a mysterious woman named Mimi, and Tony (Alan Wales), an over-enthusiastic Italian room waiter whose mission in life is to encourage romance wherever it might spark.

Enter shy Kate (Rebecca Soley) who arrives to meet her planned internet date and potential man of her dreams, Dick (Mike Tildesley), and it quickly becomes clear that events will not pan out as planned.

Bob mistakes Kate for Mimi, and falls for her instantly. After realizing his error, he pretends to be Dick in an attempt to spend more time with her.

Chaos and confusion continue as Bob’s wife Liz (Louise Woodward) arrives and hooks up with Kate’s date Dick, much to Bob’s consternation. Throw in an excess of champagne, a double bed which folds up into the wall and the highly excitable Italian waiter Tony, and an evening of delicious and uproarious fun unfolds.

Tony’s Italian accent may slip at times but his comic timing is spot on and his attempts to help the foursome sort out their entanglements are highly comical.

For tickets go to: or 0333 666 3366.


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