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Poignant Lovesong at The Loft

The four performers of Abi Morgan's Lovesong. Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

Lovesong by Abi Morgan at The Loft Theatre Company, Leamington Spa from Wednesday 10 July to Saturday 20 July 2024. Directed by Craig Shelton, Movement Director Dan Walsh.

Review by Ann Cee


The Loft’s production of Abi Morgan’s play 'Lovesong' reaches through the hard protection of the rib cage, curls its fingers around the heart and with the gentlest of squeezes and caresses, provokes a tender and deeply sober change within.

Maggie and Margaret (Lorna Middleton and Sophie Jasmin Bird) Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

Lovesong is a poignant play about a long and loving marriage between Billy / William and Maggie / Margaret as they face life’s hopes and challenges together, right to the end when illness can no longer be battled.  (David Bennet / James McCabe and Lorna Middleton / Sophie Jasmin Bird).  Charming and in love, the couple stay firmly connected to each other despite the challenges thrown into their path.

William and Margaret, still in love. Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

The Loft’s production blends skilful on-stage drama with nature based cinematography, beautifully choreographed dance and extraordinary furniture to weave a moving narrative of lives shared for decades as youthful memories drop in and out to flirt with the present reality.   

I loved the delicate grace of all four performers and their subtle portrayal of the big events happening within the confines of relatable domesticity.  And I don’t mind admitting to shedding a few tears on more than one occasion.

Skilful on stage drama. Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

In short, The Loft’s Lovesong is an exquisite portrayal of the everyday-ness of married life as romance, trust, loving kindness and finally grief, provide colour and shade to the passing years.  A delicate, unsentimental observation of the ephemeral nature of our lives and relationships.

Exemplary theatre.




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