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Paper Swans

Daniel Chrisostomou and Vyte Garriga. Photo courtesy of the artists.

Paper Swans, Macready Theatre, Rugby, CV22 5EH, Friday 23 February 2024. Directed by Simon Gleave. Running time 60 minutes – no interval.


Playwright Vyte Garriga together with Macready Theatre presents Paper Swans – a one act play set in a closed park at night. The performers are Daniel Chrisostomou and Vyte Garriga; Composer and Musician is Olivier Van Den Hende;  Set Designer is Valentina Turtur; and Producer is Flabbergast Theatre.

A security guard on his patrol finds a young woman in a ballet dress sitting on the bench making paper swans. He tries to question her and find out what exactly she is doing and why. That locks them in a continuous never-ending loop of having to encounter each other again and again and find out the meaning behind those paper swans.

However, each time they meet, there is a slight change in the situation from the one before. It is a piece drawing on the traditions of absurdist theatre, visual symbolism and the playwright's personal experience as a woman from a post-Soviet country (Lithuania) coming to the UK.

It explores the themes of oppression, freedom of speech, self-discovery and what it means to pursue dreams that one is not allowed to have.​

"Such a rich, such a thought-provoking play. Vyte and Daniel were both so terrifyingly brilliant!”-  Nina Romančíková, NDT Broadgate. 

“What an achievement- bringing Absurd Theatre into the 21st century with pain, violence and humour. Really impressive.” - Peta Lily, Performer/ Theatremaker.

Supported using public funding through Arts Council England.

There will be a post-show Q&A at this event where audience members can meet and greet cast members and ask questions. 

For details and to book tickets go to:


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