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News from The Bear Pit

If you’ve been keeping an eye on The Bear Pit’s website or on the posters outside the theatre in Rother Street, Stratford-upon Avon, you will have noticed that they are welcoming a number of visiting companies in the coming months as well as two Bear Pit productions, namely The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov which runs from 24 – 28 October, and James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl from 1 – 10 December. More on these productions later.

Below is a roundup of productions from visiting companies through September, but first a word from Bel Derrington the Bear Pit Theatre’s Front of House Volunteers' Co-ordinator who praises the theatre’s volunteers. Bel says: “Our marvellous volunteers are so much appreciated, without them the theatre could not function. And in that vein, please don’t forget the Volunteers' Night on Friday, 15 September 7-9pm. All our various departments will be represented and, whilst we wish to encourage new folks along, it may be an opportunity for you all to look at areas of volunteering beyond your regular ones - not wishing to lose our faithful FoH ones, of course!!

“Also Sunday, 17 September 7-9pm, is another date for your diary, as the announcement of the full 2023/2024 Programme will be made. It's an interesting one and full of volunteering opportunities. Do come along to both these, if you possibly can. It will be great to meet new folks and to catch up with all our long-standing supporters.”

The Bear Pit Theatre welcome new volunteers and Bel can also be reached on email at: bearpit.bel@gmailcom

Forthcoming productions from visiting companies that you won’t want to miss:

The Mistake, the urgent new play about Hiroshima and the first atomic bomb by Michael Mears which takes place for one night only on 20 September before embarking on a 28- venue tour all around the UK. It will be performed by Michael Mears and Japanese actor Riko Nakazono and directed by Rosamunde Hutt. The Mistake is one of the successes at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and following a sell-out run at London’s trailblazing Arcola theatre, this urgent new play by Michael Mears explores the events surrounding the catastrophic ‘mistake’ that launched our nuclear age.

1942. On a squash court in Chicago a dazzling scientific experiment takes place, which three years later will destroy a city and change the world – forever. Two actors, one British, one Japanese, enact the compelling stories of a brilliant Hungarian scientist, a daring American pilot and a devoted Japanese daughter, in a fast-moving drama about the dangers that arise when humans dare to unlock the awesome power of nature. The Mistake is winner of a Spirit of the Fringe Award Edinburgh 2022 and shortlisted for the Sit-Up Award Edinburgh 2022.

Coming soon here on Elementary Whatson will be an interview with playwright and actor Michael Mears, who will be talking about the writing and research he undertook to produce this very important play.

From 22 – 23 September we have Forging Rembrandt – a Lantern Fish Promotions production. Forging Rembrandt is written by Tony Peters and performed by Suzannah Foy and Simon Kemp. This is the story of the world’s greatest forger. Set in 1936 it tells of Dutch artist Han van Meegeren who sets out to be revenged on the Expert who has rejected his work. He begins a series of brilliant fakes of old master paintings. The highly successful sales of these fakes, all vetted by the Expert, are interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War. During the invasion of Holland one picture, a fake Rembrandt, is acquired by Herman Goering. At the end of the war van Meegeren is charged with selling a work of national importance. Facing the death penalty for collaboration, he must forge another old master to prove his story.

Forging Rembrandt is the story of a man who must paint to save his life and continues Lanternfish Production’s run of stylish and visual productions.

From 27 – 30 September is Every Man Out of His Humour, a Sweet Sorrow Theatre Company. The play is written by Ben Jonson and directed by Josh Caldicott. It tells of Macilente a grumpy, down-on-his-luck scholar, angry with a world where the most awful and corrupt people are able to succeed and flourish. He encounters a parade of these warped individuals; from a grain-hoarding farmer, a country lad trying to buy power and status, a law student more obsessed with fashion than his studies, to a wife more in love with a vain stranger than her overly-doting husband, and a clown who simply talks far too much. They must navigate this farcical myriad of characters, and assist in each of their downfalls!

In its first professional production since the 1600s, Sweet Sorrow Theatre Company presents Every Man Out of his Humour, Ben Jonson’s incredible farce of ridiculous, terrible people getting their comeuppances.

From 4 – 7 October we have a Second Thoughts Drama Group Production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. Directed by Nic Walsh. When writer Charles Condomine needs to conduct research for his first novel about the paranormal, he sets up a séance with village psychic Madame Arcati, inviting along the village doctor and his wife. What could possibly go wrong?

In the comedy Blithe Spirit, Noël Coward skilfully and wickedly lays bare the realities of Charles’ two marriages to reveal his underlying selfishness. First produced in the dark days of 1941, this witty and acutely observed classic can be seen as a laughter-filled condemnation of arrogant behaviour, while also offering a ray of hope as Charles prepares to escape the ruins of his domestic life.

This amateur production of Blithe Spirit is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Book tickets for all of these fantastic productions:


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