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Nana's Knickers

Nana’s Knickers by Andi Hardy, The Bear Pit, Stratford-upon-Avon, from 10 – 13 May. A Phoenix Players Production.


There is life in the old bird yet. A two-act play about relationships, family and trifle. Vera’s a woman on a mission. She’s after a new lease of life but she’s not sure the new knickers are for her. Has dating really changed? Could Vera learn some new tricks from her granddaughter!

A light-hearted look at family life when it goes a bit wrong! With characters we’ll all recognise, this cheeky play is full of double entendre for all ages (16+). Has dating changed in 50 years or is it still the same? You’ll need to watch to find out!

Call the Ticket Hotline: 07795 474074 (10am - 8pm)


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