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Music, Magic and Mayhem at The Priory Theatre

Family show at The Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, tonight.

The Priory Theatre’s Arts Festival is well underway and there’s lots more for everyone to enjoy in the coming weeks.

Saturday 7 October (6pm-8.30pm) Magician and comedy performed Greg Chapman presents his new show – themed around one of his favourite subjects – Dinosaurs! An entertaining evening for adults and families to enjoy, including comedy, magic, mentalism, storytelling, puppetry and more.

On 11 and 12 October, The Priory Youth Theatre present Twelve Dancing Princesses! Directed by Nicky Jessop. “Once upon a time, a king had twelve beautiful daughters who danced in secret every night…” The king is mystified by their secret and issues a challenge to the men of his kingdom – find out what his daughters are up to! Of course, one good-hearted young man succeeds – but at what cost? This story, recognizable to any defiant teenager or exasperated parent, is about the walls we build between each other, and how the power of love and communication can tear them down.

On 24 October, The Priory welcomes the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra with special guest Jeff Hooper. The orchestra is now widely acclaimed as one of the UK’s top big bands. Its reputation has been founded on a consistently high quality of performance over two decades. Audiences find they are infected by the enjoyment band members bring to performances, and the excitement that the band generates. Special guest artist Jeff Hooper is one of the most talented and popular singers on the European music-scene. He is an internationally known cabaret artist. Jeff developed his talent as a singer with the famous Syd Lawrence Orchestra.

The Priory is delighted to be joining Manford’s nationwide network of comedy venues with their very own launch night on Friday 27 October. Featuring the hottest new talent, comedy circuit favourites and household legends, all personally chosen by Jason Manford.


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