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Miniatura's 99th Show!

Sweet Pea Sculpts for quirky characters. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

The Miniatura Show, Stoneleigh NAEC, 16 - 17 March 2024.

Preview by Ann Evans.

This weekend is the Miniatura Show – the 99th show, and every single show organised by the same family.

Miniatura began in 1983 with Bob and Muriel Hopwood creating Miniatura as a place for miniaturists to get together and enjoy their hobby. A place where craftspeople and collectors could meet and celebrate the art of miniatures. These days, son Andy has taken over the helm.

It’s all happening at the Stoneleigh National Agricultural Centre where around 120 of the very best dolls house miniaturists will be exhibiting their latest unique scaled creations.

Ella Rose Miniatures for sweet treats. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Miniatura features only the very best miniature artisans who create the most intricate and delicate works of art of all things associated with dolls, dolls houses, furniture, accessories, ornaments, lighting, food and much more. These skilled artisans work in 1:12 and related scales – right down to quarter scale 1:48 and smaller still to 1:144 which is one twelfth of one twelfth. Imagine a dolls house within a dolls house! A few go even smaller!

The scope of the miniatures ranges from humorous and quirky to elegant period pieces, and everything in between. The show also features a variety of miniaturist clubs and societies who are always happy to talk to people about their organisation. Plus, there will be demonstrations and workshops. The workshops start around midday to give visitors chance to do some shopping beforehand.

Robert Crouch Miniatures in 1:48 scale. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

This Spring sees 16 new exhibitors to the show in addition to more than 100 regulars. So wear comfy shoes to browse all those stands. You’ll find everything you need whether you’re new to the hobby or you’re a seasoned collector or creator.

Raptoor Crafting for the unusual. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Prepare for your day out at Miniatura!

Travel: There’s a free shuttle bus which travels from Pool Meadow Bus Station via Coventry Railway Station to Hall 1 at Stoneleigh.

If coming by car, please note there may be road works near the venue so double check your route before travelling. Once there, it's free parking within walking distance to the hall.

Refreshments: Strollers cafe (in the lobby) will have hot food, sandwiches and drinks. There’s also more public seating for you to rest while you enjoy your refreshments. If you prefer the Farmers Fayre cafe and shop is about 100 yards away.

Mini McGregor for office and stationery in 1:48 scale. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Facilities: There are no cash machines at the venue, many exhibitors have card readers now but almost all of them still take cash on the day.

There is no cloakroom at the show. It's all on one level making access easy for wheelchairs and as a modern venue there are disabled toilet facilities (we also offer complimentary carers passes on the door).

Wear comfy shoes, it's a big show!

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed into the show.

Social Media: We have a team of photographers and film makers, if you would not be happy appearing on social media etc do let us know.

Shopping: 90% of the miniatures you will see are hand-made and the artist who made them is almost always on the other side of the table, so do say hello and let them know how much you like their work!

LTW Miniatures for quilts and quilting kits. Photo by Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Tickets: If you haven't got your tickets yet - you need to know that Saturday and weekend ticket sales are higher than ever AND THERE IS A LIMIT. Sunday sales are also up but it tends to be quieter (about 75% compared to Saturday).

We expect Sunday to be fine for people who want to walk up. It's not happened yet but Saturday might sell out. Please please please check our website BEFORE setting off just in case. This limit will be applied by the venue so we can't just "squeeze an extra person in" on the day.

The show takes place at Stoneleigh NAEC on the 16 and 17 March 2024 from 10am to 4pm.


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