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Macbeth at The Loft Theatre. Photo © Richard Smith.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare at The Loft Theatre, Victoria Colonnade, Leamington Spa, running from Wednesday 25 October to Saturday 4 November. Performances each evening at 7:30pm, except Sunday 29 October when the performance will be at 5pm. There will be no performance on Monday 30 October. Macbeth is directed by David Fletcher.


“Macbeth is quite simply the greatest theatrical poem ever written. The language, once heard, haunts the memory forever.” Michael Billington, The Guardian.

The Loft Theatre presents Macbeth as its next main house production, opening on 25 October.

On a deserted battlefield, in the aftermath of a bloody war, three witches appear to a loyal warrior, Macbeth. They tell his fortune and predict his future. Tempted by this prophecy and encouraged ever deeper by his wife into his own dark ambitions, this startling encounter unleashes a bloody chain of events. Macbeth will use any means to hold on to his power, even as his world collapses around him.

One of the most famous of Shakespeare's plays. Photo © Richard Smith.

This chilling tragedy has the most spectacular of Shakespeare’s poetry and some of his most vivid and memorable characters, and its timelessness comes from the way it deals with the destructive nature of unchecked desire for power and political ambition. Embodying the rawness, violence, ambition, and lawlessness of this great play, this Loft Theatre production brings a wealth of ideas and fresh energy to Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Director David Fletcher says of the play: “Macbeth is one of the most famous and most performed plays in world drama. It is the shortest and most concentrated of Shakespeare’s great tragedies – there are no sub-plots, so the play moves with astonishing momentum and energy. The character of Macbeth is far more complex and nuanced than a simple expression of man’s capacity for evil – the play shows us the disintegration of a decent and well-respected man who is driven to commit a shocking act.”

An unmissable production. Photo © Richard Smith.

Tickets can be booked online at any time via the Loft Theatre Company website:, by emailing, or by calling 01926 830 680 (answer phone service).


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