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London's Kensington and Chelsea Festival

If you’re in London, The Kensington and Chelsea Festival in partnership with The Chelsea Theatre is delighted to announce the theatre’s summer 2023 Festival Season. Running from 11 July – 30 August, 18 individual performances will span physical theatre, comedy, performance art, children’s theatre, and live music.

Eighteen shows have been whittled down from 100’s of applications, made via an open call for text based or physical theatre, dance, circus, music, opera, comedy, and variety shows to appear at the theatre within festival’s programme for 2023. The works were then selected via a two-stage process of shortlisting; first curated by a team of theatre professionals with the final selection made by a group of World’s End Estate Resident representatives, who live beside The Chelsea Theatre.

Kensington and Chelsea Festival‘s core goal is to celebrate creativity and culture for everyone with the aim of bringing people together and helping to ensure that art, in all its forms, is available for all. To that end, all of the Festival performances at Chelsea Theatre will be ‘pay-what-you-want’ in order to ensure that budget is no barrier to anyone from the community or beyond enjoying the festival, and also to try to encourage people to try something they may not have considered before.

"It has been a true pleasure to witness the breadth of talent and creativity from the artists who responded to our open call. We are delighted to be able to bring so many exceptional performers to be part of Kensington and Chelsea Festival 2023. We have been so delighted by the work that has come out of our partnership with The Chelsea Theatre in previous years and we’re incredibly excited to be opening another fantastic season.”

Verena Cornwall, Artistic Director, Kensington and Chelsea Festival & Head of Culture and Place, Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Full details of the performances are on their website along with all the other activities going on. Here is a brief listing:

TROJANS UK 23 (Theatre) 11 July 7.30pm

ROALD DAHL AND THE IMAGINATION SEEKERS (Children’s Theatre) 15 July 2pm.

THE STORYTELLER (Performance art) – 19 July 7.30pm.

MITCHELL AND VINCENT (Live music) – 21 July 7.30pm.

ON MY STREET (Children’s theatre) – 22 July 2pm.

THE GOOD WOMEN (Theatre) – 27 July 7.30pm.

THE RETURN (Theatre) – 28 July 7.30pm

SERENA KAOS (Live music) – 29 July 7.30pm

ROOM - A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN (Theatre) – 3 August 7.30pm:

SESKA: COOKING UP FUN (Comedy) – 5 August 2pm.


RAMALAMA DING DONG (Comedy/theatre) – 16 August 7.30pm.

THE SHOW OF SHOWS (Performance art) – 17 August 7.30pm.

CONFLUENCE (Live music) – 25 August 7.30pm.

KICKMOUSE MYSTERIUM (Physical theatre) – 26 August 2pm.

THE TREE RINGS (Physical theatre) – 29 August 7.30pm.

THE MARINER'S SONG (Theatre) – 30 August 7.30pm.

For full details and to book tickets, go to:


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