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Local Theatre Honoured with Plastic-Free Ally Award

Des McCann, Bar Manager for Talisman Theatre raises a ‘glass’ to celebrate receiving a Plastic-Free Ally Award from Alison Frith, Plastic Free Kenilworth. Photo credit: Robert Warner Photography.

The Talisman Theatre & Arts Centre in Kenilworth is proud to announce its recent recognition as a Plastic-Free Ally by Plastic Free Kenilworth, a local environmental organisation dedicated to reducing single-use plastics in the community. This accolade commends the theatre's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Talisman Theatre, known locally for its mainstage performances as well as Fringe theatre and Cinema showings, has taken steps to eliminate single-use plastics from its operations. One recent change is the replacement of disposable plastic beakers in the auditorium with durable, reusable alternatives. This initiative not only reduces plastic waste but also promotes eco-conscious practices among theatre patrons.

Des McCann, Bar Manager for the Talisman Theatre, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, "We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our efforts in promoting sustainability. Since recently introducing the re-usable plasticware behind the bar we’ve already had so many positive comments from our patrons about the quality of them compared to single use plastic, and of course they’re so much better for the environment too. We believe that every small change contributes to a greener future for our town and beyond."

Des added, “Not only has the new reusable plasticware proven very popular, we’re also delighted that actually these won’t cost the theatre as much money in the long run either. Each ‘glass’ can be re-used up to 1000 times, which means that the lifespan on one item would typically last us over seven years.”

The theatre's commitment to looking at more sustainable options behind the bar caught the attention of Plastic Free Kenilworth, prompting them to present the Plastic-Free Ally Certificate. In a statement, Alison Frith from Plastic Free Kenilworth remarked, "When I went to see the fabulous pantomime at the Talisman, I was excited and pleased that they had ditched their single-use plastic beakers for the auditorium drinks, in favour of more sturdy reusable alternative plastic 'glasses'.

“Of course, I instantly thought of my work with Plastic Free Kenilworth and contacted the theatre to award them their Plastic Free Ally Certificate. The Talisman Theatre are now well on their way to becoming a Plastic-Free Business Champion with other changes being reviewed to see if there are more opportunities to take this plastic-free initiative even further.”

The award from Plastic Free Kenilworth. Photo credit Robert Warner Photography.

Alison from Plastic Free Kenilworth is hopeful that this example of how a simple change, which will ultimately prove more cost effective for the theatre, highlights an opportunity that other local organisations could adopt which would significantly reduce the use of single-use plastic in Kenilworth.

The Talisman Theatre remains committed to furthering its sustainability initiatives and looks forward to inspiring other local businesses and organisations to join the movement towards a plastic-free future in Kenilworth and beyond.

To find out more about Plastic Free Kenilworth and how you can be involved please contact Alison and Verity by messenger at: or by email at:

Or if you would like to see the Talisman’s new reusable plasticware in action then join them for their next cinema showings which are ‘Song of the Sea’ (Cert: PG), a wonderful Irish animated fantasy adventure at 2:30pm or ‘Woman at War’ (Cert:12A) an Icelandic eco-comedy drama at 7:30pm on Saturday 23 March.

The Talisman’s next mainstage production is a fully sold-out Youth Theatre production of ‘Roald Dahl’s Matilda JR. The Musical’ so the plasticware will be put to good use then.

Why not get booked up early for ‘Pressure’ by Michael Haig, which is an intense real-life drama set during a pivotal moment in history that comes to the mainstage in April. This play follows the high-stakes decisions of a weather forecaster during World War II and is a timely production which comes just ahead of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Head over to the theatre’s website to book, and don’t forget to grab a drink at the bar in the new reusable plasticware whilst you’re there!


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