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Green Pastures

Green Pastures, an Outside Worship event, Saturday 11 November from 2pm – 4pm, at The Locks, Hillmorton, Rugby CV21 4PP. Free Ticket Event.

Green Pastures is free ticket, outside worship event with live music, prayer, healing and stories about Jesus. It’s presented by three Warwickshire women – Blessing Airhihen, Liselle Appleby and Beth Tysall who all have lots of experience in many different churches across the Warwickshire area in leading worship.

Beth explained: “We wanted to bring something to the community which shows people that Jesus is still accessible and we found that the idea of doing outside worship takes away the anxiety many people would feel at the idea of entering a church. We will have a band, and it will all be modern style worship, but also, we will be offering prayer for those who are struggling or ill and also will be offering free Bibles to anyone who may want one who does not have one.”

To get your free ticket go to:


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