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Falkland Sound

Falkland Sound © RSC

Falkland Sounds, Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon 5 August to 16 September 2023. Written by Brad Birch.

April 1982. The Falkland Islands are invaded by Argentine forces. The shockwaves reverberate around the world. For some, it’s overdue: seen in the gradual sweep to decolonise the world it is thought of as an inevitable next step. For others, the act strikes at the very heart of British identity.

Falkland Sound tells the incredible story of a small community plunged into the middle of an international crisis. About half the size of Wales, populated by fewer than two thousand people, with conditions so hostile that trees struggle to grow, everyday life on these strange and beguiling islands is changed forever as two powerful nations fight for the right to claim sovereignty.

Rehearsals for Falkland Sound. Photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC

Brad Birch’s lyrical new play turns modern history into a theatrical epic, depicting a community and way of life turned upside down. Directed by Aaron Parsons, Falkland Sound is a play about empire, community, and what it means to live in someone else’s metaphor.

Members of the cast; AnyebeGodwin, Joane Howarth, Lauren Patel, Eduardo Arcelus, Alvaro Flores, Avita Jay, Sarah Moyle, Joe Usher, Simon Rivers, Tom Milligan, Oliver Hembrough, Sandy Foster.

Rehearsal shot Falkland Sound. Photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC

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