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Extraordinary display of high-wire artistry

Caelum et Terram, Bullzini 100-metre high-wire walk, Compton Verney, July 16-18.

By Janet Malatesta

High above the lake in the atmospheric grounds of Compton Verney, crowds were treated to a captivating performance. Caelum et Terram - between heaven and earth - features the aerialists Chris Bullzini and Eloise Curry.

As part of the Coventry 2021 year of surprises, the pair stepped across the dazzling night skyline, among illuminated treetops and backed by occasional bursts of fireworks.

Adding to the ambience, smoke effects and a spotlight created an eerie backdrop as the awesome trapeze artists made their arial journeys along the 100-metre wire.

It was a wonderful, mesmerising show, accompanied by a story teller and side attractions, which went on late into the balmy summer evening.

Congratulations to what must be a fantastic backstage (or behind the trees) team which put on such an extraordinary event, and well done Coventry 2021 for transporting this year of cultural surprises a few miles out of the city centre.

It was especially evocative for those of us in the audience who remembered the amazing tightrope walk between the Cathedral and Holy Trinity spires in the city centre which saw in the turn of the Millennium.

As a precursor to the main show we were treated to the skilful performances of Rusky & Handkerchief who steered their cranky instruments through the seated audience with renditions of old and much-loved tunes, followed by Flame Oz - three fire artists who amazed the crowd wth their stunts, choreographed to eastern and modern music.

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Picture of the spectacular high-wire walk by Jan Malatesta.


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