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Experience Theatre Magic: BBC's Bring The Drama Festival at the Loft Theatre

Go behind the scenes. Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

Along with other local cultural organisations, including SAE Institute, The Fold, Motionhouse, Heartbreak Productions, and the Royal Spa Centre, The Loft Theatre is giving local people a fantastic opportunity to see a potential career path in the Arts, with behind the scenes access to its theatre productions in two theatre events.

There are 10 places available for each Loft Theatre event, bookable in advance via the BBC Bring The Drama Festival website or Eventbrite. Bring the Drama Leamington (links below).

These events are a gateway for drama enthusiasts, aspiring actors, and anyone curious about the process of creating theatrical magic. Igniting a love for drama and providing a unique opportunity to witness the magic of storytelling come to life.

Take the technical Tour. Photo courtesy of Mark Ellis.

Loft Theatre ‘Technical Tour’ Friday, 8 March 2024, 6.30pm – 7.30 pm.  Ten applicants will be given an exclusive look and a chance to get hands-on experience with the technical aspects of theatre. 

Tour, and Tech Workshop. A chance to explore the intricate details that bring a play to life. From lighting, video, projection and sound, the Loft’s Head of Lighting and Head of Sound will guide them through each step of the production process and immerse them in the captivating atmosphere of the Loft Theatre as they get the opportunity to take part in the technical skills of making theatre.

Consider a career in the arts. Photo by Mark Ellis.

Loft Theatre ‘From Page to Stage’ Saturday 9th March at 2pm – 3p.m. 10 applicants will be given the opportunity to explore the journey of bringing captivating stories from the page to the stage. The Loft’s professional Production Manager and Artistic Director Sue Moore will share their insights into what it takes to transform a script into a mesmerising live performance.

Whether you're an avid theatregoer or someone looking to explore the possibilities for a career in making theatre, "BBC Bring the Drama: The Loft Theatre - ‘Technical Tour’ and ‘From Page to Stage’, will be an amazing opportunity to look behind the theatre curtain! 


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