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Experience The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre. 15 February 2023. 7.30pm. Preview.

After two exciting (and packed) performances for Warwick Arts Centre 2021-2022 Orchestral Series, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra returns to focus on three of the greatest composers of all time.

Joseph Haydn’s L’isola disabitata was his tenth opera, best remembered for a surging ‘Sturm und Drang’ G minor overture which is almost a mini-symphony in itself.

Composed in his final year, during a period of remarkable productivity that also produced The Magic Flute, Mozart’s ever-popular 1791 Clarinet Concerto was the master’s last major instrumental composition. It is widely considered one of the greatest compositions written for woodwind.

Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 is seen by many as a bridge between the Classical period (as epitomised by Haydn and Mozart) and the Romantic era. Challenging the symphonic form, Beethoven’s Eroica symphony also marked the beginning of his experimental middle period.


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