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Divorced, Beheaded, Died.

Image courtesy of The Select Society Theatre Company.

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, presented by Select Society Theatre Company, written by John White, performed by Jack Abbot, playing at the Priory Theatre, Kenilworth for one night only, Friday 29 September.

The year is 1544 and King Henry, the eighth of that name, is engaged upon Royal 'progress'; he has halted to afford his subjects the opportunity to have 'audience' with their Sovereign Lord and King.

In the course of the ‘audience’, His Majesty will recount the events of his long reign; telling of his wives and his children, and His Majesty will invite his Loyal Subjects to Petition him or question him on any related subject; there may be some surprising answers – a lively Q&A is assured!

The performance is one of many put on by the Select Society Theatre Company. Their work takes them all over the UK to schools, theatres, stately homes, castles etc, bringing history to life through detailed research of the times and the iconic characters from the main periods throughout history.

In Divorced, Beheaded, Died, King Henry VIII is in his early 50s, and appears in a splendid bejewelled and golden costume – a near replica of the famous Holbein portrait. The King recounts his life, telling of his wives and children and the events of his long reign, told in a most forceful fashion. He is pained by his badly infected leg and although recently married to his sixth wife, he appears to be an angry and vengeful man. If you have always wanted to ask King Henry VIII a question – this will be your chance – if you dare!

Audience age guidance is 12+

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