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Dick Whittington heads to Warwick Arts Centre

Dick Whittington staged by Three Spires Guildhall – Award Winning Musical Theatre runs from 4 - 7 January 2024, at Warwick Arts Centre.


Streets paved with gold! Who could resist? Well certainly not Dick Whittington!

Come along for a fantastical adventure through the enchanting streets of London as Dick Whittington, our courageous but cash-strapped hero, embarks on a quest to find fame and fortune. 

But beware, lurking in the shadows is the infamous King Rat and his menacing army of rodents, hell-bent on sabotaging Dick's plans! Guided by the magical Fairy Ding Dong, befriended by a rough and tumbling street cat, Tommy, and aided by a swashbuckling pirate, Calico Jack.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, extraordinary dance routines, and chart-topping music as we follow Dick on his quest!

Three Spires Guildhall breathe new life into this classic family pantomime which guarantees an evening of cheers, boos, infectious dancing, and wide grins that will linger like the Cheshire cat's. Climb aboard and set sail with us in search of fortune in this fun and frolicking family Pantomime!


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