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Dark Descent into Hell - Playbox's Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies. With Nathanael Saleh (Jack) and members of The Tribe.

Lord Of The Flies plays at The Dream Factory, Warwick from 6-8 June.


Playbox Theatre reimagines Lord Of The Flies bringing William Golding’s apocalyptic story to The Dream Factory this summer.


The question is, when put under extreme physical and mental pressure, will we revert to our ancestral primitive form?


Playbox Theatre stages Lord Of The Flies, based on William Golding’s novel exploring the experience of a group of schoolboys forced to survive without adults on a desert island after a plane crash, as they flee war.


Emily Jane Quash directs and says, “Lord Of The Flies is a harrowing piece of literature, that feels frighteningly possible, as the world’s stability is threatened, and society’s fractures become an increasingly present part of daily life. The rehearsal room has been charged with energy and a rawness that has been really exciting to be a part of. I hope that audiences will feel the impact of the close-up nature of the experience, like spectators at an autopsy.”

 Lord of the Flies, Playbox Theatre. Nathanael Saleh as Jack with other members of The Tribe.

Staged in an intimate, gladiatorial arena, the production features a cast of 37 exceptional young actors. The cast includes Nathanael Saleh as Jack; Quillan Mitchell as Ralph; Theo Jobbins as Piggy; Sam Almond as Simon. 


Lighting design has been created by Matthew Cater, with sound and technical direction from Richard Cooper.


A post-apocalyptic landscape, amongst the wreckage of a plane, has been designed and built by sculptor, Chris Johns.




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