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CV Folk at the Albany Studio

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes. Photo courtesy of the artists.

Tonight, 11 June 2023, at the Albany Theatre Studio 7.30pm, get set for a free evening of ballads, blues, poetry and folk-rock. Preview by Pete Willow.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter, Wes Finch, is back with headliner act, The Mechanicals, whose line-up includes author, composer and viola virtuoso Katrin Gilbert, percussionist Ben Haines and former member of Nizlopi and Ward & Parker, double bass supremo John Parker.

The group formed in 2016 performing a set of songs set to Shakespearean words. They have gone on to put verse by various poets to song, most recently the words of Philip Larkin in their album, The Righteous Jazz. The band and music also featured in a theatrical production of the same name about the poet’s life which premiered at Hull Truck in 2019.

The Mechanicals. L-R Katrin Gilbert, Ben Haines, John Parker, Wes Finch. Photo courtesy of The Mechanicals.

This evening’s show also presents a set by folk-rock five-piece Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes. Their combined talent was burnished on influences of folk, punk, Irish diddly-diddly, and classical music to produce a powerful and original sound. The line-up comprises Liam Vincent (voice and guitar, Rebecca Mileham (voice and violin), Gregg Cave (of TradArrr – electric guitar), Matt Berry (voice and bass) and Paul ‘Diz’ Disley on percussion. They’ve recently won great reviews for their new album Fabric of a Flawed Society.

And to get the musical ball rolling, blues singer and guitarist Jamie Scott is back on the Studio stage with his highly engaging set of mainly original songs setting a powerful and lively pace.

Jamie Scott. Photo by Pete Willow.

The music starts at 7.30pm and finishes around 10pm. Once again, admission is ridiculously free. It’s music of a quality that arts centre and festival audiences would happily take out a second mortgage for, so please don’t hold back when the Caddy Collection comes round during the interval.


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