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Criterion's Dirty Great Love Story Success!

CC (Alice Scott) and Kate (Karen Evans)..

Dirty Great Love Story, by Kate Bonna and Richard Marsh. The Criterion Theatre, Earlsdon, Coventry, from 16 – 23 March.

Reviewed by Ann Evans


Dirty Great Love Story by Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna is fun, fast and fantastic. A love story that looks doomed from the start, with all the ups and downs of neither of the two being on the same wavelength, wanting the same things, at the same time.


The beauty of this story is that it is funny from start to finish – from the moment Rich (Dean Sheriden) and Kate (Karen Evans) walk on stage and sit, legs dangling over the edge to talk to the audience, until they take their final bow, it is funny. The pair star alongside Alice Scott as Kate’s best buddy CC, and Westy, Rich’s mate played by Adam Lee. Er... did I say mate? Possibly Rich's worst enemy at times - in a friendly kind of way!

Rich (Dean Sheriden) and Westy (Adam Lee)..

The other thing that sets this play apart, is that the dialogue is mostly in rhyme - humourous rhyme. It could not have been easy learning lines in this manner, because unless it is word perfect the whole narrative and conversations could be thrown out of sync. So well done the four actors for such excellent delivery of their lines.

There's also a fabulous collection of love songs - or snippets of songs playing throughout the performance - before the play begins, through both acts, and throughout the interval. Everything from Friday I'm in Love by The Cure to Single Ladies by Beyonce.

The story begins with Kate and CC on a hen party, meeting Rich and Westy on a stag night. There's a mad night of dancing and drinking with a hilarious performance by Alice Scott as CC - party animal! In fact great performances by the four-strong cast, with Dean Sheriden doubling up to play his rival Matt Priest, and Kate playing Lyndsey - Rich's girlfriend, later in the story.

But back to the plot, and after Kate and Rich spend the night together, they part awkwardly - but neither of them can really forget the other. And as fate and circumstances continually throw them together, so friendships start to blossom.

Kate (Karen Evans) and Rich (Dean Sheriden)

It's a play that moves along at quite a pace with some brilliantly funny scenes and witty dialogue. Plus the four actors aren't averse to getting stuck into the scene changes either. And while the scenery and props are stripped down to the basics, they are very effective.

The play is excellently directed by Kelly Davidson and marks her debut as a director of a main house production. Kelly comments. "The team behind the production, including department heads and crew, provided me with fantastic support during the production process. I am grateful for the kind guidance and understanding shown by the members of the Criterion Theatre, who have been incredibly supportive throughout."

So, book your tickets and enjoy this dirty great love story. You'll be glad you did.

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3월 19일

Not spent a funnier two hours in a theatre for many years. Brilliant performances from all four in the cast. Barbara Goulden

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