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Bubbles Galore!

The Bubble Show. Photo courtesy of Rob Tysall.

The Bubbles Show, Macready Theatre, Rugby, 28 May 2024.

Review by Ann Evans

How better to spend a half-term afternoon with the kids and grandkids than to watch The Bubble Show with soap bubble aficionado, Mr Bubbles.

The hour-long show took place at the Macready Theatre in Rugby Town Centre filling the 250-seat auditorium to capacity with eager and excited youngsters. It was a fascinating and fun mix of science, magic, music, storytelling and spectacular bubble art.

With his tubs of soapy water, a selection of bubble wands and blow pipes, including a trumpet, plus his own humorous brand of storytelling and magic, this was a truly enchanting show that kept the kids and the adults mesmerised. Mr Bubbles created non stop bubbles of every shape and size; with bubbles inside bubbles; square bubbles and bubbles that took on a life of their own.

Mr Bubbles. Photo courtesy of the artist.

There was laughter and astonishment as bubbles exploded into bursts of colourful dust or sheets of flame ; as they magically transformed into spinning merry-go-rounds, animals, spooks, snowmen, volcanoes or dazzling domes.


Lucky young volunteers got the chance to join Mr Bubbles on stage and have him create a bubble hat or bubble hairstyle on their heads to everyone’s delight; and even experience what it’s like to be inside a giant bubble!


Mr Bubbles is in fact the Guinness Book of Records holder for keeping a person inside a giant bubble for 63 seconds!


For his stage show, the youngsters had just a second or two inside a bubble before it popped, which must have been a unique moment they won’t forget.


Great entertainment for youngsters, which no doubt inspired lots of them to have fun with their own bubble making sets which were on sale after the show – as well as the opportunity of meeting Mr Bubbles himself.


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