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Bouncers Remix at the Loft

Bouncers coming to The Loft.

Bouncers (Remix) by John Godber, Directed by Lorna Middleton. 1 - 11 May Main House, Loft Theatre, Leamington Spa. 



Bouncers (Remix), updated by John Godber in 1991, transports us back to the early 90s and a typical night on the tiles at ‘Mr Cinders’ nightclub, as seen through the eyes of the bouncers on the door.

Through Godber’s expertly blended cocktail of gritty social commentary and hilarious farce, Judd, Ralph, Les and Lucky Eric introduce us to giggly girls, lads out on the pull and a range of other characters - who may, or may not, make it through the doors and onto the hallowed ground of the club dancefloor.  

Director Lorna Middleton says, "The audience is, as is typical with Godber, challenged directly to consider the “correctness” of what they are witnessing as the bouncers act out all the scenes of a typical Friday night for youngsters in the early 90s. Vulnerability, consent, peer pressure, respect - is it any better now for today’s teens/20-somethings than it was in the 80s, or the 90s? You decide."

John Godber's iconic play - his most performed - remains a firm favourite with UK audiences and is now a school set text. Unflinching, highly energetic and packed with favourite tunes from the 80s and 90s, it truly will be A Night to Remember!


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