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BMM in New Partnership with Carbon Offsetting Specialists Tree-V

British Motor Museum at Gaydon. Photo courtesy of the BMM.

The British Motor Museum, one of the Midlands leading venues for conferences and events, have announced a partnership with carbon offsetting specialists Tree-V for a brand-new sustainable offering for conference clients.

Through this partnership, the British Motor Museum empowers its clients to make eco-conscious choices. Conference organisers now have the option to add a carbon offsetting package to reduce the environmental impact of their events, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Tom Worthington from Tree-V commented: “Tree-V are really pleased to be working with a venue as forward-thinking as the British Motor Museum. They've already taken many sustainability steps, and we're thrilled to be helping them tackle an element of their carbon footprint that is out of their control - how their visitors get to them.

Working together, we'll tackle that footprint on their carpark by carbon offsetting conference delegates emissions through international forestry projects. The fact that Tree-V was launched to help the classic car world be greener means it's the icing on the cake to be working with such an important automotive institution.”

To support this new initiative, the Museum has announced that all of the miles travelled by its conference sales and bookings team throughout 2024 and the 12.87 tonnes of carbon produced as a result have been offset. By offsetting the carbon footprint associated with the team's journeys, the Museum aims to lead by example for sustainable practices within the conference and events sector.

The British Motor Museum. Photo courtesy of the BMM.

Toby Batchelor, Head of Commerce at the British Motor Museum, commented: “Revenue generated from conference activity plays a key role in funding the charitable trust that runs the British Motor Museum, and we're always looking for innovative new solutions that meet the needs of our conference clients. Sustainability is an area of real focus in the conference industry, and the Museum has made huge strides forward over the last few years, reducing energy and water consumption and taking action to minimise waste, with zero waste going to landfill. 

"The opportunity to provide an optional carbon offsetting solution to clients seemed like a logical next step, especially given the Museum's geographically central location, just minutes away from the motorway network, and the fact that the vast majority of conference delegates arrive by car. In Tree-V, we have found a locally based partner and a team that shares the Museum's passion for automotive history. Their existing relationship with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and the simplicity of their offsetting solution made them the logical partner for the Museum.”

For more information on sustainable practices at the British Motor Museum, please visit:

To enquire about the new carbon offsetting offering for conferences, please contact the Bookings team on 01926 895295 or


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