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Beryl at the Criterion

Beryl by Maxine Peake.

Beryl by Maxine Peake, at the Criterion Theatre, Earlsdon, Coventry from 2 - 9 September.


‘Beryl’ celebrates the extraordinary achievements of the remarkable and inspirational cyclist Beryl Burton. She was five times world pursuit champion, thirteen times national champion; and these represent only a portion of her amazing achievements. Beryl Burton was one of the most astonishing sports people ever to have lived, but she remains something of a mystery.

Maxine Peake captures this remarkable woman in a piece of drama which is pacy, funny and moving. Four actors play a multitude of roles to bring this celebration to the stage. The play is directed by Helen Withers.


Beryl Burton – Cathryn Bowler

Jo and others – Rowan McDonnell.

Charlie Burton and others – Peter Gillam

Nim and others - Jon Elves.


Director – Helen Withers

Stage Manager – Steve Withers.

Sound Designer – Becky Bartlett.

Prompt – Claire McDermott

Reviews have said of the play:

“Simply a joyful, uplifting and utterly delightful way to spend the better part of two-hours.”

"This play is so well crafted it captures your imagination and heart.”

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