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Back Streets

Back Streets. Street Arts are back with their production of Back Streets, a new drama by Jackie Lines. Playing at The Bear Pit, Stratford-upon-Avon, from 3 – 6 May.


‘You see a homeless man. I see a man.’

When Dave, a violent young man with a troubled past, arrives on the streets with his abused girlfriend Emma, Lee, a world-weary army veteran, senses trouble and keeps a close eye on them. Will Emma see the truth behind her boyfriend’s lies and find safety at last? And will Janice, the chaotic bag lady and Lee’s treasured friend, recognise her own troubled past in theirs; will she find the laundrette and what are the secrets she keeps?

Back Streets is a hard-hitting new play by Jackie Lines. It tells the stories of some of the people who live homeless on our streets, people whose voices are rarely heard but have things to say about the society we live in.

Supporting the homeless and vulnerable in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Finale features live music from Street Arts Project musicians and friends.


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